Grant Broadcasters buys into Kevin Blyton’s stations

Janet Cameron’s Grant Broadcasters has bought into Kevin Blyton’s Capital Radio Network.

Capital Radio Network Pty Ltd, the operator of Radio Stations 2CC and 2CA in Canberra and 2GN and Eagle FM in Goulburn, has announced that Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd has become an equal shareholder in the parent company.

Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd will “bring to the joint operation the experience of more than 60 years in regional radio and that of its 16 regional stations throughout Australia,” according to Grant’s Alison O’Neill.

There will be no changes to the management or operation of the Capital Radio stations, with Kevin Blyton remaining as Managing Director. Alison O’Neill has become Chairman of the company.

She told radioinfo: “We began our joint ventures in Perth in 1998. We found our two companies have worked well together since then, so we thought this next step would be beneficial for both companies…

“The two companies are strong and profitable. We have different strengths, Kevin’s company is strong technically and we are strong administratively, so combining the two will make us stronger.”

O’Neill says there will be no job losses as a result of the merger.

O’Neill says: “The approach of both organisations towards a strong concentration on localism without networking will continue in regard to the Canberra and Goulburn operations.”

Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd is already an equal shareholder with Kevin Blyton in 6iX Perth and the two companies have a strong history of collaboration. Recently, the two companies began sharing administrative functions.

Radio Snowy Mountains Pty Ltd, owner of Radio Stations 2XL and Snow FM in the Snowy Mountains, remains wholly owned by Kevin Blyton.