Grant Goldman to sue over wrong station ID’s – we have audio!

We doubt that anyone has worked on more stations than well known announcer and voice over guy, Grant Goldman. Apart from his current breakfast gig on 2SM, he can still be heard on several railway stations in Sydney where until recently he was the voice of the entire City Rail network. For many years it was his dulcet tones that advised commuters that “The next train on platform three will stop at Redfern, Strathfield, Parramatta and then all stops to Emu Plains”, and so on.

Now he’s poised to sue both Austereo and ARN for breach of copyright because their stations, 2Day-FM and 2WS-FM, broadcast some comedy pieces which contained his voice as the basis. These were actually cunningly edited clips that an unknown individual produced, supposedly using a stolen CD of Grant Goldman’s original City Rail voice tracks.

Goldman told radioinfo, “I’ve briefed lawyers who tell me that I have a very strong case. I own those pieces outright. Even if those stations got the material from a third party, they should know my voice by now. You’d think they’d ask my permission before they broadcast them”.

Goldman, who didn’t hear the Judith Lucy breakfast show last Friday because he was on air at 2SM, said he was most concerned with reports that some of the announcements may have been doctored. He also said, “Some of the announcements had swearing in them. I hope they didn’t use those. I pride myself on never having used swear words on air”.

Mr Goldman has granted radioinfo permission to post some of the bogus platform announcements here on the proviso that they’re not broadcast or redistributed.

Did a train go past your station without stopping? You still have a chance to get on.

Its not just the trains that are defective either.

Maybe you should just skip the trains all together.

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