Grant Goldman wins international award

2SM Supernetwork breakfast host Grant Goldman had a surprise visitor on air this morning in the shape of Australian country music star Jasmine Ray who presented him with the CMA International Country Broadcaster of the Year Award for “Outstanding Contributions to Country Music”.

The award recognises outstanding achievement by radio broadcasters outside the United States who have made important contributions for the development of Country Music in their country. Usually up to three recipients may be named in any year, but no more than two from one country in one year. The award does not have to be presented annually.

Australian broadcasters have notched up the most with nine awards between them since their inception in 1997. Recipients include John Laws, Ray Hadley, Ian Holland, John Bond, Trevor Smith, John Nutting, Garry Beattie and Nick Erby.

Other countries on the winners list include, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Greece, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, Ireland and Poland.