Groove 101.7 FM gets a permanent licence

The ABA has advised Groove 101.7FM that it has been granted a permanent full time community broadcast licence to serve the needs of the youth population in the Perth area.

Groove 101.7 FM is run “by the youth for the youth” and allows a hands-on approach for the students and youth of Perth that want to take part in something fun and exciting. They also gain fundamental and interesting skills to enable them a better outlook with respect to job prospects and self worth.

Groove 101.7FM has been broadcasting every day from 3pm – 3am for the past four months and planning is now underway to begin its 24 hour service as soon as possible.

According to The Australia Bureau of Statistics there are 293,000 people aged between 12 – 26 years living in Perth. Since it began in July, Groove 101.7FM “has received a great deal of support from the listeners of Perth with been over 2500 phone calls, 6000 emails, 15000 SMS, and 5500 surveys completed both on the internet and in person.”

Groove 101.7FM was setup to inform empower and entertain the youth of Perth and treat them as creators’ not just consumers.

There were two applicants for the Perth licence, Groove FM (youth) and Capital Community Radio Incorporated (seniors).