Alan Jones’ letters to David Flint: read them here

Three more letters in the stream of correspondence between former ABA Chairman, David Flint,and broadcaster, Alan Jones, have been made public.

The three from Jones are responses to letters from Flint, which became public before the professor resigned as ABA Chairman.

The first letter, dated 3 December 1997 refers to Stuart Littlemore’s Media Watch program and says “your reference to that ogre at the ABC probably gives him a notoriety to which he certainly isn’t entitled… his career is best summed up by saying that he is a failed broadcaster.”

In the second letter, he comforts David Flint by saying: “David, you must be moving in the circles of the media… they just hate people who’ve had success or who can attract an audience far greater than their own.”

Commenting on himself, Jones also says: “The fact that we seem to have some success is most probably the biggest problem I have… however we keep at it. Sometimes I wonder why.”

In the third letter of 22 June, Jones acknowledges Flint’s “kind and generous note” and says “I don’t frighten easily.”

3 December 1997 – Alan Jones responds to David Flint’s note about a speech.

2 June 1999 – Response to David Flint’s speech to the Sydney Institute.

22 June 1999 – ‘Thank you for your kind and generous note.’