Guthrie to seek legal advice

Michelle Guthrie has released a statement saying she is devastated by the news of her demise at the ABC

She says in her statement “I am devastated by the Board’s decision to terminate my employment despite no claim of wrongdoing on my part,”
“When I joined ABC in 2016, I knew I had an enormous challenge in front of me to break down some of the internal barriers to progress as well as continuing to deliver quality programming for all Australians.”
She says that “at no point have any issues been raised with me about the transformation being undertaken, the Investing is Audiences strategy and my effectiveness in delivering against that strategy”
Her appointment was originally for five years and due to conclude on 4 July 2021.
Guthrie say she is now considering her legal options.

Discussing the sacking on air in Melbourne, Jon Faine talked with former ABC journalist and board member Quentin Dempster:

Faine said staff are in shock, “it is a big step to remove a managing director.” He cited several conversations with Guthrie which he said were “cliche ridden and waffle.”

Dempster outlined a failure of communications capacity and the inability to unify the ABC as possible reasons for the sacking. He also commented that Guthrie was an appointment of the previous Jim Spegielman board, not of the current board. Listen to the interview below.

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