Hack reveals the gender gap in Australian music

As part of triple j’s Girls To The Front programming, Hack have released their fourth annual investigation into the representation of women in the Australian music industry.
The report, written by Ange McCormack, takes an in-depth look at the numbers across radio, festivals, boards, labels, artist managers, grants, earnings and the 2019 report reveals that the gender gap is slowly narrowing.
In data supplied by AirCheck and analysed by Hack, on radio you are still more likely to hear a song by a male, though solo females, acts with male and female members or featuring a female vocalist make up a combined 48% of music played last year.
Only 21% of the top 100 most-played tracks on Australian radio stations in 2018 were by solo female acts or all-female groups.

According to Hack, in Australia’s largest music poll, triple j’s Hottest 100, 63 songs were by solo male acts or all-male groups, with just 21 by female artists.


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