Hadley faces legal action from Blue Mountains GM

2GB’s Ray Hadley is facing legal action from Blue Mountain’s City Council GM, Rosemary Dillion, who alleges that the broadcaster damaged her character, reputation and business during a broadcast in May.

Ms Dillion’s action comes a year after an interim report cleared the council of any wrongdoing following a public inquiry into asbestos related problems in the Blue Mountains going back to 2012.

The Australian is reporting (subscription required) Ms Dillon’s federal court action follows a legal letter sent to Hadley earlier this year, and that Hadley’s broadcast imputed she had “deliberately lied” when giving evidence in her capacity as general manager, that she was a “perjurer” and had “knowingly misled the public inquiry”.

The Council began legal action against Ray Hadley in May for what it claims are false accusations about asbestos removal.
In other news at the newly acquired Macquarie Radio Network, the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Alan Jones show  revenue is down 50% after the advertiser boycott.

“Despite Mr Jones apologising on air, brands have continued to abandon his top-rating show that typically brings in about $12 million a year and is worth under 10 per cent of the network’s revenue. Sources with knowledge of the commercial dealings at the radio business said that on an annualised basis the backlash could cost the show about $6 million in advertising, though some of the advertisers had switched to other shows at the network helping limit the hit to Macquarie’s revenues overall. In September the damage was estimated to be about $1 million,” reports The Herald.


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