Hadley faces legal action from former staff member

2GB‘s Ray Hadley has addressed the recent bullying claims of a former staff member and the pending legal action.

Earlier this year  a facebook post from Chris Bowen outlined his years of torment as Ray Hadley’s studio producer, and within a month this was followed by accusations of bullying and intimidation by a further three former staff members and a political adviser.

In a statement today Hadley has said

You might recall earlier this year I spoke in response to allegations made on social media by a former staff member who was a close colleague of mine for 15 years. He accused me in various public forums of bullying him.

Yesterday I received notice that this former colleague is taking legal action in relation to those claims.

Obviously, because this is now the subject of legal proceedings, there is not much that I am able to say at this stage.

But I would like to say this.

In recent months I’ve been the subject of intense public scrutiny over allegations regarding my behaviour earlier in my career. I’ve admitted to my previous shortcomings, which are on the public record. But I’ve also made no secret of the fact that in recent years I have done everything I can to do better, something which I am sure many of my current colleagues would attest to.

As I said when I last addressed this man’s allegations in March, I still maintain that one of the saddest days in my broadcasting career was the end of my professional relationship with him. We became very close in the years that we worked together, probably more like a father and son, and like many close relationships, it could be volatile. But I felt that we always got through our ups and downs and had plenty of good times, and I was proud when he asked me to MC his wedding, and touched by the comments he made about me and our relationship.

I’m particularly sad and concerned that it has now come to a legal action, which is now in the hands of my legal advisers. It’s important to note that this is a civil matter in the NSW District Court, and is seeking financial damages. As it’s being heard in a court of law, it means I will have the opportunity to defend myself and that is more opportunity than I have had since these allegations first emerged. I do hope for his sake he is getting the support and advice that is best for him and his family. I’m sure you’ll understand that while I would like to say more, and I will have that opportunity if the case proceeds, for now, I had best leave it at that.





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