Hamish and Andy claim a new colony

The Today Network’s Hamish and Andy have made landfall and taken their exciting first steps on ‘The People’s Island.’

After rowing the gruelling 200 metres from the neighbouring Marble Island to reach Iron Island, the boys arrived with anticipation, before climbing to the top with a trumpet, machete and a flag to mark their triumphant arrival.

Hamish and Andy’s journey to The People’s Island was broadcast on their national Today Network Show, Happy Hour this afternoon.

Having officially leased the small island off the coast of Rockhampton from the Queensland Government, Hamish and Andy’s first steps on the land paves the way for them to “colonise” it, which includes them hoping to return there before the end of the year with listeners.

The boys embarked on their mission towards The People’s Island this week, with various stops along the way, including broadcasting yesterday’s show from a cottage at the neighbouring Marble Island.

Tune in to The Today Network’s Happy Hour from 3 – 4pm weekdays to hear more about The People’s Island. See our earlier report here. It is not known at this time whether the government will enter into any asylum seeker resettlement agreements with the newly claimed colony.


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