Survey: Radio listeners have a strong and lasting relationship with a station

GfK’s AudienScope insights; a national online survey of radio behaviour, have provided an additional perspective to the Australian radio ratings.
Launched in May 2014, this is the second instalment for this behavioural study which is an ongoing part of the radio audience measurement contract, and a new initiative from GfK.  While the radio ratings provide data on “who” is listening to “what”, AudienScope looks at the reasons “why” by delving deeper into listening behaviour.
The research will be released quarterly and involves 5,000 respondents per year.  AudienScope adds a new strategic dimension to understanding the radio ratings. Each quarterly AudienScope study acts like an overarching lens to view the main radio ratings through, which will help maximise the effectiveness of your communication with radio audiences. Providing periodic behavioural insights as a component of the main radio ratings is a first, but we think it is an essential ingredient of a holistic audience measurement system.

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