Hamish and Andy come up big in new Celebrity Report

Southern Cross Austereo and  the Nine Network have just released the first issue of the Australian Celebrity Report.
Based on national omnibus research, this online report is designed to give an in depth overview of who the leading celebrities in Australia are in ranked order, and what makes them popular.
The report features prompted and unprompted celebrity awareness and breaks out into a number of different categories. It also includes demographic and market differences, which can vary greatly from city to city
The report will prove very valuable for advertisers and marketers trying to determine just which celebrity is a good fit with their target audience and local market. It’s also a way for Broadcasters to determine which celebrities might work best for their stations.
Unsurprisingly, from a Radio perspective, the two most powerful celebrities in Australia are SCA’s Hamish Blake and Andy Lee.
The survey asked ‘if you had a dinner party tonight, who would you invite?’ The Dinner Party question gives interesting insights into the person giving the answers, according to the report. “You get to know the types of people they are really interested in and would want to spend some time in discussion with… having a meal with them is probably the most intimate, ‘first meeting’ type of occasion.

The top 4 people Australians would most like to invite to their dinner party are:

The next seats at the dinner table would go to:

You can check out a sample of the Australian Celebrity Report here. To buy a complete copy costs $495. Buy it here.