2UE raises $837000 for Childrens Hospital

Station raises over $800,000 in one day.
When 2UE  launched its Christmas appeal for The Westmead Children’s Hospital it was hoping to raise a few hundred thousand dollars from the day’s OB.
Nearing the end of his shift, Morning presenter Paul Murray was already closing in on $100,000 and pushing his listeners to donate the few thousand needed to reach the that mark by midday. He was astounded when one organisation threw in a cool $24,000 to easily eclipse the milestone he was after.
Having listed a number of stupid things he was prepared to do on air for much smaller donations, Murray was at loss to come up with something he could do for that much cash. Eventually, he said, “Hell, for that much money, we’ll even rename the station for you.”
As it turned out, that amount was chicken feed compared to what the rank and file Firey’s donated out of their salary sacrifice scheme. They blew Children’s Hospital administrators away, handing over a cheque for $80,000 during Stuart Bocking’s Afternoon shift – by which time the total amount had burst through half a million dollars.

By 9:00 pm the station’s listeners had raised  $837,000. Yet, 2UE’s name remains the same.