Hamish & Andy #1 podcast in 24 hours

Just 24 hours after being released by PodcastOne, Hamish & Andy (plus producer Jack) are the number one podcast in Australia.

First up, Andy’s mic wasn’t switched on. ‘Jack hasn’t turned Andy’s mic on! What a brilliant start to the podcast!’ said Hamish.

With a free-flowing format, the only rule to be observed on the podcast is that when a bell rings, it’s time to move on and change the subject. But technical difficulties and new rules notwithstanding, Jack asked‘ Who’s going to fire us? The radio station?’ 

PodcastOne Australia’s Grant Tothill has told radioinfo:

“We’re excited and delighted that Hamish & Andy have joined PodcastOne. Fans will be able to continue to get the Hamish & Andy podcast they’ve loved so much over many years. With their podcast series also being published in the USA on PodcastOne and available on both PodcastOne and Hamish & Andy apps in Australia together with iTunes, we are confident Hamish & Andy will continue to grow their audience not only in Australia but also internationally.”

PodcastOne is “reinvigorating the art of compelling storytelling by creating and commissioning original long-form content across multiple genres including; Sports and Recreation, Society and Culture, Health and Wellbeing and Business and Tech.”

The Hamish & Andy Podcast is available at www.podcastone.com.au or the PodcastOne app.


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