Hanson trade Bops for Hops and share a beer with Jodie, Soda and Snowy

What happens when a teen duo grows up? They buy a brewery. And their fans grow up too.

Nine years ago, Bernadette Agostino waited outside Adelaide’s Mix102.3 from 12 midnight for the chance to catch a glimpse of her favourite band, Hanson. Bernadette and her friends even trailed the band in her car as they left the station. Eventually, Hanson had to pull over and ask her to stop following them.

This week that determination finally paid off when Bernadette won a Mix102.3 search for Adelaide ‘s biggest Hanson fan, and Mix 102.3’s Jodie, Soda and Snowy took her to West End Breweries Bar 107 to join the band for a cold MmmHops Ale, named after their global hit MmmBop.

The Hanson Brothers are passionate craft brewers, and loved the chance to compare their own brew with some of the local product at West End Breweries.

And no, this time Bernadette didn’t follow Hanson home.

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