Heart and lung surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp launches podcast

Episode one features Tracy Spicer, central to the recent investigation into sexual harassment.

 Perth-based heart and lung surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp launches her own podcast with PodcastOne,Women with Heart – a series of conversations with Australian women who have overcome challenges in their chosen fields – sport, media, business and academia.

Each woman has delivered her own personal and professional results and rewards despite facing challenges in their field related to sexism, workplace and cultural prejudices.

In the first episode, Dr Nikki has a close and upfront chat with Tracy Spicer, the newsreader, journalist and writer who has been central to the recent investigation into sexual harassment in the media.

Other guests in the series include:
Shelly Horton talking about her career in the media and choosing not to have children;
Kate Morris, CEO and founder of Adore Beauty on starting her own business from her garage from scratch;
– Academic Dr Susan Carland, on how being an academic with a message that Islam can be feminist; and
Nova Peris on growing up in the Northern Territory to her Olympic achievements and providing a voice in parliament for indigenous people.

Announcing the podcast, Grant Tothill, Head of PodcastOne said “These are inspirational interviews. Dr Nikki is a natural interviewer and the listener is left with a fantastic set of stories that will motivate them for success and give them the strength to overcome barriers in their own life and work.”

Dr Nikki said “It was an honour to talk to all of these women who have achieved great things. They shared so much wisdom and I finished every interview feeling like we could all take on anything we wanted to. It’s a feeling I hope the listener gets after hearing each inspirational woman.”
Women With Heart is available now on www.podcastone.com.au

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