“Heart-on-sleeve authenticity” is the key to The Pick Up

The KIIS and iHeart networks have revamped the 3PM Pick Up for 2023 which will now, simply be called, The Pick Up – but  at the exciting same time of 3pm, weekdays.

According to ARN The Pick Up, “Will bring an infectious energy to the network through the team’s real-life chat centered around life, love, and relationships.

“Equipped with quick wit and heart-on-sleeve authenticity, The Pick Up, will have you leaning into those speakers with honest conversations. Whether you’re listening on the school run or while you work, the show will keep you entertained and informed on the hottest topics, pop culture and life conundrums.”  

The PickUp boasts a talented trio are no strangers to the KIIS Network, with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne previously transforming their wildly successful and award-winning podcast Life Uncut into a radio show each Saturday on KIIS, and Mitch Churi a familiar voice to listeners on KIIS 1065 and KIIS 101.1 after working his way up the ranks in the studio to his ongoing role as host of The Night Show.

Of the announcement, Laura Byrne said “I am so beyond excited to start THE PICK UP with Britt and to have the brilliant Mitch Churi join us as a co-host. Over the past year, we have had a ball creating our Saturday show, but now we no longer have to bottle up all our stories and wait until the weekend to share them!  

“As a mum who is usually in the car on the way to day-care pick up at 3pm, I really enjoy tuning into the radio at this time, and it feels surreal to now be a part of creating the content, keeping it fun, fresh and relatable.”

Brittany Hockley added, “I am so excited to be doing THE PICK UP with two people I genuinely love dearly, Laura Byrne and Mitch Churi. The three of us are from different walks of life and are lucky enough to have worked closely together for years, meaning we can well and truly comfortably take the piss out of each other.  Trust me when I say, we are going to have some fun.” 

Mitch Churi chimed in, “As excited as I am to be launching this new show with two of my favourite people ever, there is a small part of me that is doing it just to get closer to Matty J. What a man. Seriously though, Laura, Britt and I have become so incredibly close over the last few years and our dynamic is unlike anything I’ve seen in the industry – get ready Australia!”

ARN says it was the first network to launch a dedicated show in the now popular 3pm timeslot following insights from listener data, with THE PICK UP’s line-up also being an example of the company’s podcast to broadcast strategy. 

Chemist Warehouse have extended their long-term partnership with ARN and are the major sponsor for THE PICK UP with Britt, Laura, and Mitch, which will launch nationally on January 30 and can be heard on KIIS 1065, KIIS 101.1, KIIS 97.3 and Mix102.3 from 3-4pm.

Mitch Churi will continue to host The Night Show on KIIS 1065 and KIIS 101.1.

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