Heartwarming moment as smooth listener wins big dollars

smoothfm listeners have been treated to an emotional moment when Bev from Belton in Victoria won $70,700 after correctly guessing the four smooth Stars: The Hollywood Edition voices.
The single mother of two was overcome with emotion when Byron Webb, smoothfm’s drive announcer, confirmed the final voice as Michael Fassbender and awarded Bev with a life-changing amount of money.

“I’ve played this game for so long, I’ve only ever got a few people right and never been able to get through. I can’t believe it!” Bev said still in shock.
The competition has been running since the 17 July this year and has attracted 208 guesses, with the four Hollywood voices confirmed today as Katharine Hepburn, Michael Caine, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lopez.
When asked how she would spend the money Bev had a heart-warming answer, responding that the number one thing she wants to do is take her sons, Logan (7) and Teakin (2) to Disneyland as they have never been and being a single mum, she hasn’t been able to travel with the kids.

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