Heidi Anderson leaves Hit92.9

After six years of waking up with Perth each morning on Hit92.9, Heidi Anderson has confirmed she will not return to her role on the Heidi, Xavier & Pete show in 2020.
Heidi has been on maternity leave after the birth of her baby boy in September and has chosen to spend more time with Memphis and her family.
Heidi joined Hit92.9 in 2013 after cutting her teeth in regional radio in Bathurst, Bunbury and Newcastle and appearing on Big Brother as a housemate.
During her time on Hit92.9, Heidi has championed body positivity, brought awareness to mental health issues and called out bullying, using her unique position to call out the tough issues facing women today.
Juelz Jarry, who has been filling in for Heidi on the Breakfast show, has been announced as Heidi’s permanent replacement .
Hit92.9 Content Director, Tim Arnold, said: “Motherhood, much like radio, is a role Heidi was born for. I know just how much she was torn over her decision, but if you’ve met beautiful Memphis, you’ll understand!
“That we have someone proven with Xavier & Pete waiting in the wings is the best luck – I love rewarding great people who are great at their jobs and no one deserves this permanent call up more than Juelz.”
Juelz will return with Xavier Ellis and Pete Curulli on 13 January, 2020.




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