Heidi takes the ultimate leap to prove she is fun and fearless

Campaign managers, Will & Woody, can never question Heidi’s fearlessness again after she took the ultimate leap to prove she has what it takes to be Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Female of the Year … a leap of 134m to be exact.
92.9‘s Heidi has been put through test after test this week in Queenstown for Heidi’s Cosmo Campaign, but nothing could have prepared her for the ultimate challenge she was forced to face this morning, live on air.
After being kidnapped during the show, thrown into a car, then a van, with a blindfold and headphones on, Heidi was taken to AJ Hackett Bungy to complete her fourth and final challenge: The Nevis Bungy, which just so happens to be the largest bungee jump in the Southern Hemisphere.
Understandably, Heidi required some serious coaxing from Will & Woody (who would never have done it themselves) and a crowd of complete strangers but eventually, Heidi leapt off the safety of her ledge like a superwoman freefalling 8.5 seconds above the Nevis River.


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