Heidi, Will and Woody give away thousands to “The One”

It took some time, but eventually hit92.9 gave away $20,000 this morning.

Listeners were asked to enter online to be “The One” and answer a few simple questions about themselves.

One person was then selected and without already knowing it they had won $10,000.

Listeners were encouraged to tune into hit92.9 as clues were revealed about “The One’s” identity based on the answers given on-line. Family, friends and colleagues were encouraged to let their mate know that it could be them we were talking about.

After a week of daily cryptic clues, “The One” (named Jess) won $10,000.

Then another “One” was selected but this time worth $20k.

All this week they’ve been waiting for them to call through but as the clues got easier  there was no sign of “the One”.

Finally at 9.05am on Heidi, Will and Woody  the phone line lit up.

One by one Heidi, Will and Woody got Aisha – “The One” to justify the clues and why it could be her, before announcing she had won the $20,000.

Take a listen.


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