Help Max choose a station logo

We’ve heard of listeners choosing songs but…

Here’s what the Taree based station had to say on its website

At 107.3 Max FM, we pride ourselves on believing we take note of what our listeners (yes, that’s you!) think of our station.

Coming up on our 21st birthday, we’re looking to give Max a little bit of a nip/tuck and as part of that, we’re looking at changing up our logo which has been with us since day dot.

We want your help in this, and so we would greatly appreciate it if you were able to fill out the below form and let us know what you think of the possible options.

Maybe you don’t like any of those, and think you can do something better? 

Do up a design and send it through to us too, any and all feedback is welcome.

This form closes at 5pm Friday September 15, 2017, so you better get in quick!

If you’d like to help Max out, go here.