Henry Roth surprises Nova newsreader with a wedding dress

Nova 93.7 Perth’s Newsreader Madelaine Burke, aka Maddie, got the shock of her life when wedding dress designer to the stars and media fashionista Henry Roth presented her with 2 of his own creations for her upcoming wedding.

Along with Nathan, Nat & Shaun – Maddie also shares her life with Nova listeners in the morning and her impending marriage has been a hot topic of conversation for quite some time. In fact Maddie has exchanged many a tweet with Roth on the subject.

The blushing bride to be who is getting married next March paraded around the Nova studios in the gowns, even reading the News in one.

Roth, who is known for his mentor roles on Project Runway and Beauty and the Geek said he had one look at her ring and knew he was going to be able to work with her. So much so, he has taken her shopping at Samantha Wynne to style her for her big day…what a guy!

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