Has smooth made a dent yet?

Most interest in today’s Nielsen survey will be focused on smoothfm. If the brand fails to make an impact in either or both Melbourne and Sydney, then the pundits will tell us it’s too early to tell. And it probably is. But insiders tell us that the tracking looks awfully good. Then again, tracking has a way of being ahead of the curve and often doesn’t show up till a survey or two later.

No use speculating now. We can wait till the results come out this morning and speculate then. As usual, we’ll talk to the network heavies – dmg’s Paul Jackson, ARN’s Duncan Campbell and SCA’s Craig Bruce about their take on the results.

Other points of interest will be whether Mix 94.5 in Perth can wrest back the number one crown from 96FM. And speaking of crowns, we’ll find out whether WS-FM’s Jonesy and Amanda, after coming so close last time, can topple King Kyle and Jackie O from the number one FM spot in Sydney.

Join us from just after 9 am when the figures are released for our running commentary through the day and our usual Spin Cycle wash up.