Heston Blumenthal on board The Chubby Pigeon

Nova 100’s Meshel & Tommy revealed that chef Heston Blumenthal will join them at the pop up restaurant The Chubby Pigeon this Friday 6 February.

Blumenthal, the mastermind behind the three Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck, and the inspiration for The Chubby Pigeon concept, will be dining at Meshel & Tommy’s exclusive establishment.

Yesterday Tommy excitedly announced, “Heston is joining us on Friday morning at The Chubby Pigeon. Heston is on board for The Chubby Pigeon! What a legend. What a coup. How great.”

The guests will include The Bachelor’s Chantal Hryniewski, Winners and Losers star Virginia Gay and theatrical entertainer Rhonda Burchmore. The pair have secured Tommy’s brother Scotty to be the maître-de and this morning a listener offered his teenage daughter’s acoustic group Violet as the live entertainment for The Chubby Pigeon’s launch.

Offering a degustation dining experience in intimate surroundings (Tommy’s house), The Chubby Pigeon will serve a selection of the Heston for Coles range to discerning diners.

Meshel & Tommy will broadcast live from The Chubby Pigeon’s new home.

Tommy revealed their pop-up restaurant idea on Monday’s breakfast show, “I would love to say that we’ve got a table at The Fat Duck to give away, wouldn’t that be the duck’s nuts. No we haven’t! We’ve got the next best thing. The Fat Duck is full, you can’t get a table, so we thought, you know what, Melbourne is the home of pop up things at the moment. So what about we do our very own pop up restaurant?”

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