Jeff Kennett’s shock exit from 3AW

Jeff Kennett, former Victorian Premier and weekly guest on Neil Mitchell’s 3AW morning show announced to everyone’s surprise, that he was leaving the station.

“Just one other thing before I go, this will be my last appearance.” Kennet stated bluntly on air.

“Really? I thought we were going to discuss that further.” replied Mitchell.


Kennet explained that negotiations with 3AW management to renew his contract went to pieces.

“I’ve been approached by management, and I’m not angry or upset,” he said.

3AW’s Acting General Manager Rob Curtain released a statement explaining: “Jeff Kennett has been a great contributor to the Mornings program for many years. He is currently out of contract and we asked that he consider a new agreement. We discussed the option of continuing every second week, many of our contributors are featured fortnightly.

Jeff has obviously rejected that option and felt he would prefer to be on a weekly basis or not at all. We value Jeff and appreciate his talent and contribution and we agreed amicably to discontinue the arrangement. It was agreed he would discuss with Neil a finishing date.”

Listen to listeners reaction to the news below.


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