Hinch leaving the Senate, back to TV. What about radio?

“I won’t be returning to radio, I’m contracted to SkyNews,” Derryn HInch has told radioinfo in an online discussion that began when he commented on shift change rumours at 2GB/3AW.

As Hinch finishes his term in Canberra, his focus has now returned to media, after he performed one last duty as a Senator.

Annika Smethurst captured his one and only ribbon cutting ceremony as a Parliamentarian, the naming of Hinch Way, outside the Ostani Bar in Canberra.

Hinch began an online discussion about talk radio networking when he tweeted about the rumours surrounding possible shift changes for Steve Price, Chris Smith and Dennis Walter (see our earlier reports).

As scores of his fans responded to his tweet, Hinch recalled his famous campaign years ago against the short lived Packer radio network, when talk stations in Sydney and Melbourne were networked together.

See the tweet and all responses by clicking the twitter comment below.




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