Are Denis Walter’s days numbered at 3AW

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that 2GB’s proposed move of Chris Smith to nights, and Steve Price to afternoons will be the trigger for 3AW to dump Denis Walter.
But according to the 3AW website, Macquarie Media CEO Adam Lang has dismissed the rumours: “Nothing has even been said about Denis Walter,” he told News Corp.

But there was one element of the reporting that really affected Denis, and he got it off his chest during his popular 3AW Afternoons program today.

“There’s an ongoing problem that I’ve had for decades. And that is: There’s only one ‘N’ in Denis, and they’ve put two.”

If Price was to move into afternoons in Sydney, then 3AW could take his program in what would be seen as a cost cutting measure for Macquarie Media following the re-signing of Alan Jones for $8 million.

Macquarie Media CEO Adam Lang dismissed the rumours, telling News Corp,  “Nothing has even been said about Denis Walter.”
The sticking point now is that Smith has reportedly engaged lawyers to fight the proposed move, and Macquarie Media is now hunting for the source of the story being leaked.
The old adage about ‘never go on holidays’ will be ringing in his ears as he prepares to take the next 3 weeks off for a prearranged break that includes a cruise from New York to London with listeners.

It is understood that Macquarie is proposing he move into his new time slot when he returns from the break, during which time they would have an opportunity to bed in the new program with Price.

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