Hit 107 Adelaide fights back against female jogger assaults

In light of recent events in Oaklands Park which have seen police launch an investigation into a man who attacked a female jogger last Thursday, and another woman about a month earlier, Hit 107 Adelaide’s Bec and Cosi have decided to send a message of solidarity by hosting Reclaim The Run.

Everyone has the right to walk or run on our streets and feel safe. There is no reason to make someone else feel unsafe.

This is why the pair want to send a message – and why the station is championing Reclaim The Run.

Over the next couple of weeks, the station will be talking to listeners on air about how to keep themselves and each other safe. 

This morning, Bec & Cosi spoke with SA Police about what they are doing about female safety on our streets, before opening up the phone lines to listeners who explained why they feel the need to come along next Thursday.

“I already do things like don’t run with headphones, let someone know where I’m going, try and run in the light, and do all these sorts of things, and It shouldn’t be me changing my behaviour anymore.”




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