hit92.9 sells the Bush Chook

hit92.9‘s Woody, from Heidi, Will & Woody, has been gumtree swapping his way from an old pair of red trackpants to his current possession, Shazza the Bush Chook car.

Although his ultimate dream of swapping his way to a yacht didn’t quite work out, Woody decided to sell the Bush Chook and instead, donate the money to melanomaWA. 

“MelanomaWA are absolute legends, doing so much to help people affected by melanoma cancer,” Woody said

“In Australia especially, we spend so much time at the beach and in the sun, we are at a great risk of skin cancer.

“I’m bloody pumped that we managed to get a few grand from the Bush Chook to give them.”

The live auction took place this morning during Heidi, Will & Woody, reaching $2,500, and to sweeten the deal, hit92.9 Content Director, Commander, has vowed to match the sale price for Woody to spend on another crazy idea next year.

“Can’t wait to make some rip-snorting investments.”

Hear the live on-air auction of Shazza, the Bush Chook car here.

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