hit92.9 solves Perth’s #whoisjenni mystery

A Perth mystery has this morning been solved by hit92.9’s Heidi, Xavier & Ryan.

In case you missed the messages on your morning commute or the trending hashtag #whoisjenni, Perth has been wondering about the mysterious Jenni, whose name has been emblazoned on bed sheets (with declarations of love) and strung along Leech Highway.
Thanks to hit92.9 listeners, it didn’t take long for the trio to work it out. 

It turns out Jenni is a Bunnings employee and her boyfriend Jason is responsible for the bed-sheet messages. Jason had helpfully painted one sheet with ‘Belmont Bunnings Jenni, I am hopelessly yours’, which no doubt helped narrow down the search. 

“He’s pretty special,” Jenni said.
With some of the sheets displaying messages such as “I’m not perfect” and “no conditions,” some on social media are describing the gesture as ‘creepy’, and Jenni confirmed that there were a few ground rules Jason didn’t initially adhere to which may have prompted the sheet declarations.
Heidi, Xavier & Ryan managed to track down Jason, too, who said his late night arts-and-craft session along Leech Highway was a ‘just because’ gesture.
“She’s never had anything done like that so I thought, why not?” Jason said.
“The people at the Salvos thought I was pretty off buying all the sheets!”
Despite Jenni saying she wouldn’t be surprised if a proposal was just around the corner, Jason wasn’t so sure.

‘Steady on.’


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