hit92.9’s Ryan Jon launches season two of podcast

‘Life of Ryan’. 

Following on from his podcast ‘Am I Ready to be a Father’, Heidi, Xavier & Ryan’s Ryan Jon was regularly asked by fans on social media, ‘When is season 2?’

After being nominated for Storyteller of the Year at the Ausralian Podcast Awards, Jon decided to produce the ‘unofficial’ season 2, ‘Life of Ryan’.

‘It’s our [Jon and girlfriend Briggitte Rodda] story of becoming a family, my adoption story and search for my biological parents as well as unqualified life advice which so far has included “How To Spoil Your Girlfriend” and “The Worst Thing about Working With Your Partner”, said Jon. 

‘Life of Ryan is my baby, and I only wanted people who I loved and trusted working on it. They’re all honest with me, all have great content tastes, all love telling great stories and al only want to work on something they can be proud of.’

Head here for the podcast

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