Hobart Survey Results

The recently released Survey 1 results for Hobart show HO-FM in number one position with 21.9%, up 2.3 share points from the last survey, which was last year. ABC 936 was in second place at 20.8, down 0.8 from last survey. TTT FM was in third place with 17.4%, but suffered the biggest loss, dropping 3.4 share points. Fourth placed MAGIC107 came in at 15.1%, down 1.7 share points, with Triple J next, steady at 6.3%. Other results were: ABC Classic FM 4.6% (up 1.1), TOTE -Racing Radio 4.3% (up 1.8), 7RN 3.0% (up 0.2), NewsRadio 2.1% (up 0.2).

HO-FM had the biggest increases in the survey, strengthening in the younger demographics (10-17s up by 15.4 and 18-24s up by 14.2), while TTT-FM fell in those same age groups. For HO-FM 25-39s also increased but 40-54s dropped slightly. Daytime, evenings and weekends all increased for HO-FM. TTT-FM’s biggest loss was at night where the station dropped 15 share points, from a strong base of 35.6 last year.

HO-FM put its victory down to local programming. HO-FM is number one 25-54 with Cooke and Moore scoring number 22.7% at breakfast, just behind ABC936’s breakfast figure of 23.8%. Program Director Rod Spargo said, “the station’s success is based on a team effort and a very local focus.” HO’s Managing Director Paul Shirley told AMT: “the result is driven by HO-FM’s emphasis on Hobart through local programming and contests… People want to listen to local radio and have voted against the trend of networking from the mainland.” The ABC’s Manager of Local Radio, Angie Nelson told ATM: “936 ABC Hobart remains number one with its target audience of All People 40+ after a 2.5% increase in 40-54 year olds, taking it to 21.4%.”