Hong Kong radio presenters resign over Press Freedom

BBC correspondent Chris Hogg reports that Hong Kong’s government rejects suggestions that freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are under threat in the former British colony.

The government statement follows the resignation of three radio talk show hosts who complained of intimidation and threats of violence.

Many in Hong Kong are frustrated by what they feel to be political stultification by Beijing and threats by extremists.

Recently resigned radio talk show host Alan Lee told Chris Hogg it is “the most serious situation in terms of polarisation of political views in 25 years.”

Another host, Raymond Wong, told a local magazine that “pro-Beijing forces” had sought to silence him through coercion and offers of cash.

But a local deputy of China’s National People’s Congress in Hong Kong has demanded the radio hosts give more details of the pressure they claim forced them to quit.

Hong Kong’s government said it is “firmly committed” to upholding the law.