Hope 103.2’s Aaron and Dan get their Kilt on in celebration of Commonwealth Games

The guys responsible for creating the new Aussie Sports Anthem ‘Aussies, we sting like Mossies’ have done it again.
Releasing their unofficial Scottish Sports Anthem as the officially unofficial anthem for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Aaron and Dan from Hope 103.2 Breakfast have donned their kilts and grabbed their bagpipes to create this epic song.
While the video does show a little more of Dan Widdowson than anyone could ever wish for, it is a brilliant portrayal of all that the Games will bring.
Dan explained, ‘We feel this anthem captures the heart of the international community… actually it’s more than an anthem it’s a melodic truth that transpires a single sporting event.’
While that’s probably talking it up a bit, Dan was probably more accurate when he said, ‘Aaron says I was wearing a skirt, but it is definitely a kilt!’


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