Hot FM’s retailation against comedian’s Central Queensland sendup

What started out as a viral video made by Sydney comedian Dan Ilic bagging Gladstone in North Queensland, has now turned into war between two cities.

Dan’s online comedy website A Rational Fear released a mock-up Getaway style video detailing the Gladstone Industry and its effects on The Great Barrier Reef.

Dan who has never been to or lived in Gladstone joined Browny & EJ on their Hot Fm CQ breakfast show to chat about it, but was sidelined by Gladstone’s Mayor Gail Sellers who wanted to share her own thoughts on the video, which she disapproved of.


Both parties had the chance to debate and defend their opinions on Gladstone’s harbour before Browny (who was obviously a little hurt by the video) officially declared war on Sydney siders when he unleashed his retaliation song detailing why Sydney sucks.

When the smoke finally cleared Ilic raised his white flag (or in this case undies) and surrendered.

The pair now eagerly anticipate Sydney’s reaction and await the rebuttal.

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