Hot off the Press – Thu 27 May

* David Flint’s four hour Senate Estimates grilling left The Australian’s Mark Day feeling some brief sympathy, but he concludes the ABA chief will leave his post, ‘unwanted and unlamented – an embarrassment’.

* In a damning editorial, The Advertiser says the misdemeanours of David Flint might not be quite serious enough to force his resignation, but they have left his public credibility in tatters.

* 2GB’s Ray Hadley has a lot of respect for John Laws and Alan Jones, but none for Mike Carlton, reports The Daily Telegraph’s Piers Akerman.

* Despite the latest monitoring of ABC ‘bias’, the corporation has been frequently scrutinised over the years, without too much scathing criticism, argues The Australian’s Errol Simper.

* A new study reveals surfing the net is increasing eating into radio and TV consumption, according to Lara Sinclair in The Australian.

* In the wake of growing corruption allegations in Victoria, the long and sometimes overly close alliance between crime reporters and their police sources is under scrutiny, writes The Australian’s Carmel Egan.

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