Hot Tomato officially welcomed into the Grant Broadcasters family

102.9 Hot Tomato is now officially part of Grant Broadcasters with the completion of the sale going through Friday, last day of November.

The station’s ownership has change from one family to another, moving from the Torv family to the Cameron family.

Hot Tomato Broadcasting, was a family owned and operated company, established in 2002. Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd, established in 1942, is a family owned and operated group with a portfolio of now 53 commercial radio station licences across the country.

Alison Cameron, Grant Broadcasters’ newly appointed CEO, said:

“We are delighted to officially have Hot Tomato as part of the Grand Broadcasters family. As I have mentioned before, the station’s ethos of live and local fits firmly into the values of our company and our other local radio stations. We are very grateful to Hans, Kaia and the Directors for the fantastic radio station that they have built. We look forward to working with the Hot Tomato team based in Southport, to continue being the leading voice of the local community on the Gold Coast.”

Completing the ownership change over, Hot Tomato’s General Manager Graham Miles said:

“Although we have seen an ownership change today, Hot Tomato is still a family-run station committed to the local community of the Gold Coast which we have been for the past 15 years. Our listeners and partners are extremely important to us and we will continue to provide the same service and entertainment with our locally produced programing made on the Gold Coast for the Gold Coast.”


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