House give-away paying off for Mix 101.1

Proving that when it comes to prizes, bigger works better, Mix 101.1 tells us they’ve received 23,000 entries in week one, with four weeks to go. Browsers to the station’s website are up 50%. Page impressions up 132%. Facebook social engagement up 36% and there’s been considerable twitter activity with the custom hash tag #mixhouse. 

The promotion seems to have struck a chord with listeners with Facebook messages such as “What a wonderful competition.  A new home that is designed by people choosing different ideas – I love it.” (Julie Cadusch)

“Mix you are Legends, what a comp, best I have ever seen.  Thanks for the opportunity” (Kel and Shane). Just some of the many sentiments shared by Mix101.1 listeners.

In conjunction with Lend Lease and Burbank, Mix101.1’s House That Melbourne Built promotion will culminate with Breakfast duo Chrissie Swan & Jane Hall giving one lucky winner a custom built house from a live broadcast on Friday October 19.