How to become a sports broadcaster

Learn from the best.

Radio is is blessed with a plethora of sports commentators. Happily, there’s a never ending supply of high profile retired athletes who are experts in their field. If they can string a few words together, who cares if they answer every question in both the positive and the negative: Are you happy with your performance? “Ah, yeah/no.” After all, radio is nothing if not about authenticity.

Few of them, however, can actually call a game or a race which requires a rare skill set that goes beyond offering an opinion about the game and a mangled mastery of english.

Of those few that can truly call themselves sports broadcasters only a handful are also capable of doing a regular shift on talk radio.

Two of those rare beasts, currently held in captivity by MacRadio are Tim Webster who recently made the transition from Talking Lifestyle to Macquarie Sports Radio and the incomparable Ray Hadley.

This rare interview on Macquarie Sports Radio has Webster chatting to Hadley about his early years as a race caller and how the inveterate workaholic is resigned to having to decide whether to give up his NRL calls or his NRL calls on 2GB and the Nine Network. 


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