How many on air personalities does it take to make a baby?

There must be something in the water at ARN’s Pelaco building in Richmond. Three of the on air team at sister radio stations, MIX101.1 and GOLD104 are currently fathers in waiting – and their wives are all due within one week of each other!

MIX101.1’s Drive Host Simon Diaz is expecting his first child with wife, Julie in late August. Diaz says that he and Julie now have a new home at Baby Bunting because they spend so much time there … “half the fun is shopping for all the cool baby stuff – we’ve got a pram, cot, and so many clothes and toys, you’d think we were having triplets! We’re both really excited though and hoping for a quick and smooth delivery – especially Julie!”

Fellow MIX101.1 personality, Jon Vertigan and his wife, Kelli are also expecting their first child to enter the world on Monday, 2 September. On pending fatherhood, Vertigan said “We don’t know the sex of the baby so we’re looking forward to the surprise of having a son or a daughter. Right now, our two dogs are the centre of our attention … will be interesting to have a baby, our pets … and me all in the same house. Not sure if Kelli knows what she’s got herself into!”

Craig “Huggy” Huggins of GOLD104 is an old hand at fatherhood. His wife Jenni is due to have their second child on 27 August – a brother or sister for their 3 year old daughter, Kess. Huggy commented “I’m really excited because this new baby is due two days before my birthday, so we can have double celebrations every year. I know it’s a cliché, but we’re just hoping for a happy and healthy baby – oh, and one that will barrack for the Brisbane Lions!”

All fathers will be taking time out to spend time with their respective partners and new children once they arrive – it could be very quiet in the building in a few weeks!