How similar are Sydney playlists? We reveal the Crossover!​

Is the KiiS playlist more like 2Day’s or Nova’s?

By monitoring the number of different songs played over a month by KiiS, Nova, 2Day, Triple M and smooth, our marquee sponsor, AirCheck™ has worked out how many songs on each station’s playlist is the same as Sydney’s latest entrant into the CHR music market, KiiS 1065.

Note: These figures are based on the number of different songs on each station’s playlist and not the number of times each song was played.

Taking the raw numbers, the KiiS playlist of 349 songs included 100 songs which were the also on the Nova playlist of 189 – the skinniest of all the stations.

The number of crossover songs between KiiS and 2Day was similar: 99 songs. But because the 2Day playlist is fatter than Nova’s at 243, the crossover percentage is smaller.

Triple M and smoothfm have much broader playlists than their CHR counterparts with 962 and 832 respectively.

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