Howard enters the Social Media world

He may no longer be on air but sacked 6PR presenter Howard Sattler has found another way to publically express his opinions:  Facebook.
It’s 5 months since Sattler was sacked by Fairfax Media, following the controversy over him asking then Prime Minister, Julia Guillard, if her partner was gay.

Sattler, who is battling a type of Parkinson’s disease, yesterday posted on his Facebook page With the help of my partner in life and best friend Despene it appears I am now an active player in the Facebook world of social media. She is a living breathing example of the old adage about a good woman behind every great man. Except that I am not great!
What upset me most about my abrupt, unforeseen removal from 6PR was being denied the opportunity to depart properly, to thank all those who shared with me and contributed to the 30+ year journey”.

Sattler says his priorities are now the preparation of his legal case against his former employer and writing a “tell all” book about the radio and media business.  Knowing Howard, it could make for some interesting reading.

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