HT&E moves Jeremy Child into a new role

HT&E has appointed Company Secretary & Taxation Director, Jeremy Child to the role of Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary.

Jeremy joined HT&E Limited in 2015 as Group Taxation Manager and took on the expanded role of Company Secretary in August 2019.

In his new role, Jeremy will report to CEO, Ciaran Davis, join the Executive Leadership Team, and continue to play the important role of Company Secretary for HT&E, whilst assuming responsibility for its Legal function.

Ciaran Davis says, “Jeremy’s appointment signals a shift in the focus of the legal function to becoming greater strategic advisors and partners to the business and is a great opportunity to leverage the depth of his experience across corporate governance, legal and taxation. Jeremy has been with HT&E  since 2015 and has made several significant contributions to the business, most recently playing a key role in the acquisition of Grant Broadcasters and settling the ATO matters.”

Justine joins the existing legal team of Sarah Hook (Senior Legal Counsel – ARN Regional) and Jessica O’Neill (Legal Counsel).

ARN is also looking to recruit a further lawyer to its team.

Irene McMonnies, ARN’s Director of Legal & Business Affairs since 2019, is leaving ARN to join Screen Australia as their Head of Legal Services and Producer Offset and Co-Production.

ARN says Irene has been a great asset to the company, providing exceptional advice across various matters, including the recent acquisition of ARN Regional from Grant Broadcasters.

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