Hysterics in the Dye household as daughters dig up dad Izzy’s daggy past

It seems that with today’s social networking technologies nothing remains buried in the past, no matter how much it should. Accomplished radio announcer, Bianca Dye told radioinfo, “My little sister Alexandra found this on utube! GOD BLESS UTUBE!!! Its dad – singing one of his first gigs ever!

“She is like …soooo embarrassed! LOL!!! hysterical! Beware…. the pants…are TIGHT! ;-)”

Worse still, her little sister Alexandra didn’t find it. She says, “One of my friends dug this up on youtube!!!!!

“I think my social life is over. Omg the hair, the moustache, the clothes!”

To watch the whole Izzy Dye catastrophe, click the link below….


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