I’m sad Fairfax is losing you as a shareholder: Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart says she is sad John Singleton has unloaded his shareholding in Fairfax and hopes he will reconside his shareholding in Fairfax Media once Chairman Roger Corbett goes.

An email from Rinehart to Singleton, published in The Australian, is the latest in the war of words over Fairfax Media’s radio assets.

The email says:

I’m sad on several fronts… That Fairfax is losing you as a shareholder, that my friend has been so badly messed around and misrepresented by some at Fairfax and that Fairfax has lost a valuable opportunity to combine its radio and make revenue, combining with someone with your record of being able to run radio stations well…

John, I hope when Roger goes, you will reconsider, and this can be turned into many wins.

Mr Rinehart owns nearly 15% of Fairfax Media, but the board has declined to grant her wish for a board seat.

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