I’m trying to deal with it and keep the show funny: arrests at Hughesy’s show

Hughesy told Kate today on the Hit Network drive show about a not-so-funny experience in one of his recent stand up shows.
It is comedy festival season and Dave Hughes is performing around Melbourne.
Last Saturday night, at a sold out show, a group of people came in a bit the worse for wear after a party.
“I was hoping they would settle down when they sat down, but they didn’t… I’m hearing a proper argument going at the back of the room…”
Hughesy tried to calm the group from the stage, but wasn’t successful, so the group were removed by the police.
“People had paid good money to be there, the group were really aggressive…
“We finally got them outside the theatre, but two of them were trying to get back in. Eventually the police were called… there were handcuffs involved…”
Listen to Hughesy’s description of the experience. Perhaps it will make good material for his next show.



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