Increased digital sports consumption for SEN

Its been a big 2023 for Australian sports across NRL, AFL, cricket, soccer and more and Sports Entertainment Network (SEN) has seen a surge in consumers of their online content, 165 million video views across major platforms which is a 166% increase year-on-year.

On social media SEN’s TikTok  had 69.8 million views, Facebook had 44.5 million, Instagram 20.8 million, X/Twitter 19.3 million and YouTube 10 million views with SEN Cricket and SEN League on the latter platform getting 1 million and 900,000 views respectively.

SEN Radio’s account gained 30,000 new AFL fan subscribers and their podcasts had 38.3 million downloads.

SEN Digital Director Simon Chapman said:

“The outstanding growth across SEN’s digital platforms is a testament to our incredible team at SEN. Our talent, producers and staff work tirelessly to deliver compelling sports content, and these impressive numbers reflect their dedication to providing the best experience for our audience.”

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