Information can be used as a weapon or to help humanity: Valerie Geller #RadiodaysAsia

Valerie Geller reinforced the key elements of creating powerful radio in her session at the Radiodays Asia conference today: Tell the truth, make it matter, never be boring.

Geller was not boring in her response about the former US President Donald Trump.
Asked by session moderator James Cridland, “what did President Trump teach us?” she replied:
“We learned the power of twitter and of disinformation…We learned a lot of lessons…
“People sometimes adopt technology early, before we know the social and political implications of that technology.
“We like to play with the new toys, but these are dangerous toys. Information is power, it can be used as a weapon or to help humanity.
“Our job is to inform, entertain, inspire, persuade and connect, and to be as ethical as possible. As a broadcaster you should be as truthful as you can, even if there is backlash.”
“Information is power, these tools can be used for good and bad,” she said.
Talking about the power of audio, Geller believes we must meet our audience wherever they are, on all platforms. “People want the intimacy of audio, it is the power of our medium.”
Comparing the prerecorded nature of podcasts with live to air radio she said both styles are powerful in different ways.
“Live radio is like an uncut diamond. The polished diamond is perfect, but the uncut diamond has its own power and natural beauty.”
What does it take to make great radio? “Obsession and passion,” says Geller.

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