The Innovators take the stage for session 1 #RadioShow2019

Exclusive report from USA RadioShow

The opening session of RadioShow2019, was hosted by Fred and Paul Jacobs, You’re Not Just in the Radio Business Anymore and featured innovators who’ve made the transition from traditional radio.

Among the speakers was Julia Ziegler, Digital News Director for WTOP, Paul Zimmer, President of Zimmer Communications, Ed Levine, President and CEO Galaxy Media Partners and Jarl Mohn, President and CEO of NPR.

radioinfo’s Wayne Stamm caught up with Paul Jacobs after the presentation to ask about the takeaways for broadcasters

Radio in 2019 is “transformative” according to Fred Jacobs. About 30% of listeners are not listening to radio on a radio, but Jacobs says the industry is not monetising those who are consuming radio on digital platforms as effectively as possible. “We’ve got to look at monetising this audience in a different way… take smart steps.”

“The price of an app or an Alexa skill is relatively cheap compared with buying a transmitter, the ability to expand is not limited. Identify the right place to reach your audience and monetise that.”





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​ Wayne Stamm is in Dallas reporting on the NAB RadioShow exclusively for radioinfo.


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